Addison Auto Automotive

    ¨     New Building

    ¨     Design-Build

Denver, Colorado 

Client: Swedish/Asian Automotive

Delivery Method: Design Build

Architect: Keith Thompson/Intergroup

Size: 12,500 sq. ft.



F e a t u r e s

Swedish/Asian Automotive is a design-build that effectively  meets  the needs of customers’ and employees’ comfort in the office area while providing for engines running inside the shop area for extended periods of time.  This 12,500 S.F. building was designed and built to fit into a residential setting.  We creatively used masonry, wood, steel and concrete to produce a handsome and fitting neighborhood structure.

 We enhanced working conditions for employees by including several important features . . .  a lot of light filters into the 8,000 S.F. shop through glass block and skylights . . .  a convenient locker room and two-level office area provide additional comfort while at work.

In addition to the repair center portrayed on the right, the building includes a wash area and significant storage.  It has a state-of-the-art under-floor exhaust system and infrared heating.  The building has both a steep roof and a flat roof area, pictured on the left to display the Gen Flex roofing product we used and often recommend.