Littleton Baptist Church


We added to the existing building at the main entrance.  The gym is built over the fellowship hall and it functions nicely.

This is what the Pastor had to say “We returned to Omni for a bid and found that they had given us a  realistic estimate initially.  Their new bid     was only slightly higher than the previous estimate.  They have subsequently been very aggressive in helping us to save money wherever  the  can with recommendations  and insights”.

In addition, it was necessary to do most of the construction at the main entrance to the church.  Therefore, our sensitivity to and understanding of how a church needs to function was crucial in maintaining good access to the facility throughout construction.


We always take great pride in working with the customer to help them achieve their goals and to accommodate their time frame and budget.  At Littleton Baptist Church we accomplished this, resulting in another very successful and satisfying project for all involved.