Southern Gables Church

This is a concrete and steel structure with 2 story glass.  This facility allows the church attendees to feel like staying for a while.  We are proud to help this church grow.  When we were asked to get involved this project was 30% over budget and looked out of reach.  We rolled up our sleeves with the architect and got it in budget and built.



This is a dramatic addition to existing space.  It is nearly impossible to see where the existing building stops and the new building starts.  We added some concrete columns and some steel columns covered with plaster. The space was opened up, beams removed and exterior walls moved and rebuilt.  



All of the work was done while the church was in full operation.  Every Sunday the church could see the activity progress.  Drainage was a significant challenge while construction continued without a hitch.  Church members donated time and money in cooperation with our forces to bring this project in on time and in the budget.