Dairy Queen  Grill & Chill  Restaurant

®    New Store Grill & Chill

Longmont, CO

Client: Julie and Scott Stockert                               

Delivery Method: Design-Build

Architect: Jigsaw Architects

Size: 2444 SQ. FT.




How can we, dramatically, spruce up our sales and stay in the same location on a site thatís too small?  That was the challenge of this project. First, it helps to be in a cooperative business minded city like Longmont. Now with some creative site management and a new building located close to the road with a little bling, you have a good start.  We demolished the old building and its maintenance problems while maintaining the legal right to have this kind of store on this site.  We increased the parking, fixed the drainage and built an efficient drive-thru.












Sales are up and Maintenance is down.  Mission accomplished!