DQ Restaurant "Grill & Chill"

         New Building

  Thornton, CO

 Client: Ron Wickham

Delivery Method: Design Build

Architect: Overway & Pedersen

Size: 3,500 sq. ft.



This is the first official Grill and Chill West of Omaha, Nebraska and we are proud of our work to bring these to the front range.  This is a classy store that uses terrific materials and state of the art equipment and technologies.   We began construction in April and received our CO for training in the beginning of August.


The exterior has stucco, cultured stone, fabric awnings, exposed aggregate concrete, colored concrete, iodized metal panels, and neon.


Inside we have 6 different tile types and colors, Slate, high pressure laminate, 4 different colors of paint, maple wood stained natural, and plenty of stainless steel.

The kitchen functions with out a hitch and we are proud of the subcontractors and suppliers who help us accomplish this project.  All of the equipment had to be installed with precision by the craftsmen and technicians.