Dairy Queen Restaurant

    ¨     New Building

    ¨     Design/Build

¨  Denver, CO  

C l i e n t: Hardenbrook

 S i z e: 1,000 sq. ft.


F e a t u r e s


Our Goal: Build a new Dairy Queen with a drive-up window and still maintain the appeal of walk-up access that has been part of this neighborhood for more than 35 years. Of course, we did not want to tear down an existing Dairy Queen during ice cream season.  So we needed to build it quickly and through the winter.  We accomplished it, on budget and on schedule.

This is a tiny limited Dairy Queen with walk-up windows and a large patio.  It has a drive-up window worked into an extremely tight space.  We installed a stucco finish over tile around the bottom on the exterior.  The entire parking lot is concrete, at no extra cost to the customer.

One of the remarkable aspects of this building is the efficient use of the site.  It is easy to see the result of well thought-out planning and teamwork between the construction and design teams.  The City of Denver has decided that, ultimately, Colfax will become a pedestrian walkway so attention to auto traffic must be limited.  This required a whole new way of thinking to get everything on the site.


The interior of this building is very efficient and compact to conserve space.  The ceiling in the kitchen area is high, allowing for excellent storage.   The front counter has been squeezed to allow for a cake freezer.

 We are very proud of the store and pleased with the satisfaction of our clients.  Fred has said his sales up to April are already way ahead of last year’s sales.