Dairy Queen Restaurant

    ¨     New Building

¨  Thornton, CO

 Client: Patricks

Delivery Method: Design Build

Architect: TSP-5

Size: 1,700 sq. ft.






The owners came to us with a challenge to design and build a new building by March 1 when ice cream becomes an important part of everyone’s diet.  Of course, we did not want to tear down an existing Dairy Queen before people stop buying ice cream in the fall.  So our goal was to build it quickly and through the winter.  We accomplished it, under budget and on schedule.

 This is a large limited Dairy Queen with indoor seating and a large patio.  It features two drive-up windows with 22 car stacking for the drive-up windows.  We installed a stucco finish over brick veneer  around the bottom on the exterior. 




One of the remarkable aspects of this building is the efficient use of the site.  It is easy to see the result of well thought-out planning and teamwork between the construction and design teams.  Our very first step was to have a meeting with the City of Thornton to map out our strategy concerning site drainage and retention.  This meeting became crucial to our future work.

The interior of this building is not only beautiful to the eye but also very durable with tile in every high traffic area or areas prone to damage; it even has tile below the ice cream bar under the window.  The ceiling in the kitchen area is 11 feet high allowing for excellent storage.



We are very proud of the store and with the satisfaction of our clients. Scott Patrick said, “We’re specifically impressed with the people and the professional manner in which they handle themselves.  I found both of them to be honest and upfront about everything involved in the project.”