New Hope Community Church

     Major Addition

Denver, Colorado

C l i e n t: New Hope Presbyterian Church

S i z e: 22,466 sq. ft.


 F e a t u r e s

New Hope Community Church is a wood frame structure with a steep roof.  Our addition to the building features two stories of classrooms and multipurpose use space.  This building has a very functional walk out basement.  Through the use of well placed retaining walls, we are able to accommodate water retention on site and a nice play ground area at the same time.

  The owners of this project came to us after the builder previously hired could not build the building with in the budget.


 Constructing a basement just ten feet away from the existing structure presented a sensitive construction challenge.  We eliminated the need for expensive shoring which would not serve any purpose for the church in the future by implementing a creative construction schedule for the new excavation and foundation work.

 The basement floor was over excavated to allow for four feet of structural fill which will greatly reduce any risk of floor slab movement.  Because of over excavating the basement floor and digging a large water retention area, we had to haul a lot of soil from the sight.  We found a place very close who would take our fill.  This enabled the excavator to haul off the excess dirt for a significantly reduced rate to the church.  We even regraded and removed soil from a future area for parking expansion while we were at it.

The main floor is constructed with inch an one eighth T&G plywood.  This plywood material along with the sound track below the floor cut down on sound transfer between the floors, which we all know to be important to a church situation.

We always take great pride in working with the customer to accomplish their goals and also accommodate their time frame.  At New Hope church we did some preliminary demolition so their volunteers could get to work on some auditorium improvements before Christmas.