Ilona Retail Center


The ILONA RETAIL CENTER has debuted in North Cherry Creek as one of the most beautiful structures in that area.

                                               ·          Colored and pattern concrete     ·      Arches and radiuses

The owner, Mr. Meszeros, said he has done “eleven high quality remodeling projects across the USA and Omni Building Corporation is the best contractor I have worked with”.

The architect, Jordan Hoggard, said “from start to finish -- through pricing with Ron, and  construction with Bruce, Jon, and Bill, -- I was acutely aware of a sense of craft and of quality of work that expresses thoughtfulness in the building process”.

In addition, it was necessary to do most of the construction at the main entrance to the church.  Therefore, our sensitivity to and understanding of how a church needs to function was crucial in maintaining good access to the facility throughout construction.


This building was challenging and fun to build.  We are proud that we have produced a gorgeous building with high quality features that required talent and professional service to accomplish.