Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church

We at Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church are in our 7th year of enjoying our church building that you did a fabulous job building for us.  Check out how the building looks with mature landscaping on our home page at www.westminsterrpchurch/org



We worked with these guys for three years to help them put together a church project they could fit into their budget.


This is what the building committee Chairman had to say: "It was one thing to fulfill our construction and financial expectations with this project.  But even more significant to us were the attitude of service and the atmosphere of trust that was characteristic of every one in Omni that worked with us." and  "In addition, your personal construction insights and creativity helped us overcome a number of challenges along the way." and  "working with Omni has been a wonderful experience. I hope we have the opportunity to invite you to build a future companion facility for us in the years to come. In the mean time we at Westminster will not hesitate to recommend Omni to anyone who will listen"

We always take great pride in helping a church achieve their goals and to grow to reach the community.  At Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church we accomplished this, resulting in another very successful and satisfying project for all involved.