Homefresh Bakeries Incorporated

         One story warehouse addition to the kitchen

Commerce City, Colorado

C l i e n t:  John Moore

S i z e:  3900  sq. ft.


F e a t u r e s 

Home Fresh was a previous customer; we completed their tenant finish work a couple years before.  When they needed additional space, they called upon our expertise and reliability to add on to their existing space.  We needed to work with the owner and the tenant to design a building to meet the budget and the square footage requirements of both.

This is an addition to a commissary kitchen that produces thousands of donuts and pastries per day.  They never had to slow or stop production one time throughout construction.



This is an all masonry, steel and concrete structure.  The addition was connected to the existing space by a two-hour rated wall with highly effective and efficient garage doors.  The addition also had high quality dock doors.  We had an unusual sloping condition at the dock doors that we wanted to remedy.  We put in a temporary grade to work with different types of trucks with differing wheel base distances and off-load heights.  Once we established the exact conditions with the actual trucks, we poured the concrete.  The dock levelers then worked to our high standard and as the owner desired.

We were able to accomplish the construction in just 3 months, which is an accomplishment of great pride for our construction team.  The smoothness of this design and construction allowed us to finish on time and on budget.


Once again, we were able to provide for our repeat client the quality, service, speed and efficiency that are essential to bring a project on time and on budget.