Rocky Mountain Cancer Center

    ¨     Major Remodel

Littleton, Colorado  

C l i e n t:  Rocky Mountain Cancer Center

S i z e: NA


  F e a t u r e s

Rocky Mountain Cancer Center needed two scanners installed in there existing office. Our first task was to demolish an existing office next to a radiology vault.  We then were to remodel this floor to install three different types of examination machines.

We had to work very closely with the staff to avoid any inconvenience or discomfort to the patients caused by our construction work.  To accomplish this, we did a considerable amount of work at odd hours to avoid causing undue dust and noise problems.  All of the hallways and doors were sealed to keep any dust we created in the construction area.  



Working with this type of technology obviously requires a great deal of expertise and experience.  Our subcontractors were pre-qualified to work with this technology.

All of the walls were lead-lined.  The doors and window were also lead-lined and certified to withstand any radioactivity.   The floors were isolated and grounded to avoid any static electricity.  

We meticulously performed the job on schedule and within the budget.  Our customer was impressed and said, “Without their cooperation and understanding, I believe the project would not have been completed on schedule or within the budget as originally estimated.  They recognized the difficulty of completing a project within the extremely tight schedule and without disturbance to the fully operational office.”