Alpine Manor Care Center

Thornton, Colorado

C l i e n t: Living Centers of America

 S i z e: 3,000 sq. ft.



F e a t u r e s

                                                                                                                     One year after we finished the interior space renovation for this client, they hired us again to add on to the front of this existing elderly care center.  We added a physical therapy gym and offices and remodeled some of the adjacent existing space.   We installed a diesel generator on the rear of the building to ensure stable power. 

We used a wood frame structure with masonry veneer and included an attractive Dutch hip roof.   The basement was built with ten foot ceilings to provide usable storage space.  We updated the facility to include a sprinkler system for the entire building.  The offices were attractive and bright with the ability to view the therapy as it occurred.



We were requested to tie in and modify the existing site to make everything look first-class.  We accomplished this with an attractive fence that was also built around some of the existing yard.   We also re-built the parking lot to eliminate its many soft spots.

As with many projects of this type, our creative and visionary abilities aided our client to modernize their facility and enable them to better serve their patients.