Cherry Park Care Center

    ¨     Interior Renovation

Englewood, Colorado  

C l i e n t: Living Centers of America

 S i z e: 5,000 sq. ft.


  F e a t u r e s

  The interior renovation to this elderly care facility was performed off the main entrance to the building.  We improved the main entrance space and lunchroom and updated the mechanical and electrical systems throughout the entire facility.  This project also entailed creating a progressive care or critical care space in one wing of the two-story facility.

  We worked around significant structural and mechanical impediments to create the infrastructure for critical care space.  We installed a large back up generator to keep the power flowing even during a black out.  All of the main systems had to be modernized and hidden to create a safe and high tech space while at the same time keeping it visually appealing and “homey” looking.

We replaced all the windows, moved several walls, and installed all new finishes (wallpaper, trim, cabinetry and carpet).  The work had to be done as quietly as possible and during proper hours of operation.  The patients were not allowed to leave while materials and workers moved in and out. 

The final product was a clean and modern space that functioned splendidly.