Cheyenne Health Care Center
¨     Interior Renovation
¨     Entry Addition     

Cheyenne, Wyoming

C l i e n t: Living Centers of America

  S i z e: 4,000 sq. ft.


 F e a t u r e s


The goal of this project was, most importantly, to add physical therapy space to this elderly care facility.  However, the owner also wanted to update the interior space and give the exterior a more pleasant appearance.  We remodeled the main entrance.  The lunchroom and several hallways were updated.  The majority of the work occurred in the office area, which needed to be modernized and made more comfortable for the facility’s staff.

We had several challenges on this project because the important work of this facility had to continue during the construction phase.  We were to perform this addition on the main entrance but minimize the interruption as much as possible.  Also, our work in the lunchroom included new flooring and wall coverings, but the lunchroom could not be closed for even one day.  We did the work in pieces so that we would not disrupt this gathering time so essential to the residents.  We deliberately and creatively worked with our client to achieve an efficient work schedule while allowing their work to continue on-site.



Our goal, as with all out-of-town jobs, was to use as much local help as possible and still maintain a tight budget and schedule.  We were successful and the project was finished on time and problem-free.


The end result was a final product that came together very nicely and has functioned splendidly for the owner.