Kenton Manor Care Center
¨     Interior Renovation
¨     Addition     

Greeley, Colorado

C l i e n t: Living Centers of America

 S i z e: 7,000 sq. ft.


F e a t u r e s
This project included completely demolishing an old section of this existing elderly care center that could no longer function effectively.  We added a physical therapy gym and built several rehabilitation centers used to train patients in the use of bathrooms, kitchens and bathtubs.   We also built a new nurse station in the middle of the existing facility and put in a day care for the employees and families. 


The project was built using a wood frame structure that encompassed existing space.  The entire hallway was added to the outside of the old building space.  The existing elevations were very difficult to work with and required creative on-site solutions.

We had to maintain a particularly secure work site because many of the patients treated at this facility suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease.  Our employees had to be secured and very careful as they moved around in the facility.   Our work was completed professionally and without incident.