Brothers Plumbing Incorporated

o       Two story office Warehouse Building

Thornton, Colorado

Client: Marvin Kansteiner

Delivery Method: Design Build

Architect: Keith Krebs

Size: 10,200 Sq. Ft.


 When Marvin asked us to design and build an office warehouse for him,  the first thing we did was take a look at his current warehouse.  We quickly found out that Marvin wanted an organized, clean, and well-built warehouse and office. 


We focused on a solid structure first.


Next we added some style.

The foundation is built on compacted rock to create a solid structure on a very technical type of soil condition.   The radiuses designed into the building creates a fabulous soft look and  some head scratching at the same time.


This building was built in 8 month, on time and within the allotted budget.  This turned out to be a great project for both Omni Building Corporation and Brothers Plumbing.