Saxbys Coffee Shop
 Loveland,  CO

Client: Saxbys Coffee

Delivery Method: Design Build

Size: 2,190 sq. ft.



F e a t u r e s

Omni is delighted to complete another Saxbys Coffee Shop.  This Saxbys is built on 29th Street in Loveland, part of the Denver metropolitan area that is rapidly expanding.  This attractive store-front location invites customers to relax and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and they will not be disappointed.

 Saxbys in Loveland is as appealing on the inside as it is on the outside.  It is spacious and beautiful with attractive tile and countertops.  The built-in fireplace  and aroma of coffee add an appeal to the shop that is comfortable and inviting.

 The speed and efficiency in which a project like this can be designed and completed is what sets Omni apart from other contractors.  The work was designed and permits received February 20th.  We started the project on the day we received the permit.  The store opened April 9th, which was our completion date.

 At Omni, we work with all parties involved and are committed to satisfying the needs of the franchise owner, the franchisee and the landlord.  This project was completed successfully and all parties are pleased.  Check out our craftsmanship at Saxbys, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.  You won’t be disappointed!