Saxbys Coffee Shop

Denver, Colorado

Client: Saxbys Coffee

Delivery Method: Design Build

Size: 1,100 sq. ft.


 F e a t u r e s

The Saxbys Coffee Shops are valuable additions to our portfolio of completed projects.  This Saxbys is built in the Tabor Center in downtown Denver.  The Tabor Center is a high-class building consisting of both office and retail space.  The owner has high standards for any construction within the Center to maintain its high quality atmosphere.  Our workmanship in this store and the way in which it was performed in the middle of the Tabor Center lobby are a credit to our company and its employees.

  This small but classy store has a multi-level ceiling, a lot of glass and an arch feature that adds style.  The tile flooring and attractive counter tops complete the sophisticated look.  


The work was designed and permits received in December.  We started the project on January 5, and it was complete by February 10, the exact date we predicted for completion.  The efficiency and swiftness of our construction was applauded by all.

  Our goals were met and the franchise owner, the franchisee, and the landlord were ecstatic with the results.  We look forward to completing many more Saxbys Coffee Shops as the franchise continues on its very successful path.  Stop by and buy a cup of coffee and you will see the quality for yourself.  You will get the flavor of another job well done by Omni Building Corporation.